It is that time of year again and we are very excited to host Free Comic Book Day 2017 right here at Lawndale Shopping Center in Greensboro NC!

This now international event has grown into something truly unique since the very first one in 2002! Comic book fans in our area and beyond look forward to FCBD all year to get a sampling of what comic books have to offer as entertainment and also as a major social event. Across the nation, there is no FCBD event quite like the one at Acme Comics. New friends are made in line each year and you might even find out about your new favorite television show or video game from the people around you!

Year after year the attendee testimonials come in and the verdict is Free Comic Book Day brings whole community out together around the common interest of comic books, art, and creativity! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday May 6th!



Free Comic Book Day is an international event that comic book stores can choose to participate in and each store runs the event differently.

The way FCBD works at Acme Comics is that we require no purchase to unlock access to the free comic books. Though the comic books are not free to us, we offer them free of any inherent or connected charge to the attendees to thank you for your love of comic books and for supporting Acme Comics as a Greensboro institution since 1983.

Though available quantities will vary, on Free Comic Book Day attendees may have access 1 copy of each type of comic book that was available at the time you reached the distribution area. We place no restrictions as far as selecting three items or ten items. The earlier you show up, the more individual items will be available to you.

Attendees may select an “All Ages” bag which will contain only items appropriate for all audiences both young and old. There will be a “Teen” selection where the content will have slightly more action and tension than the All Ages option. Or attendees may select a bag with “everything” but some comic books may contain more action than others or may contain language and subject matter not intended for younger audiences. It is important for parents and/or guardians to inspect the all of the offerings first to determine what is appropriate for whom to see.


Click the link above to see the Free Comic Book Day 2017 offerings. We will have all offerings available, but some quantities are more limited than others and will expend before others.


Not everyone is able to travel to comic book conventions as often as they would like so making artistic talent, both local and from abroad, available to the community whenever possible is a part of our mission at Acme Comics. Free Comic Book Day is a great day to interact with creators whose material you enjoy or meet local artistic talent!

Acme Comics Presents FCBD Local Artists in Residence

Thomas Boatwright

From pencil work, paintings, water colors, to graphic design, Thomas Boatwright is a local favorite journeyman artist.

Ally Haney

Cat lovers will love Ally’s water color paintings and will be your new favorite things!

Nikita Hatmaker

Nikita is a familiar face on the local art scene and is a person to watch if you like creative art pieces with depth and rich colors!

Barrett Stanley 

Barrett Stanley’s Heartbreak Quadrant graphic novel was created by overwhelming response to a Kickstarter effort and he is working on volume two now! Also appearing in the upcoming anthology comics ‘Speculative Relationships’ and ‘$19.84-the Dark Future of Retail’


These Local Artists in Residence will be inside Acme Comics Presents for you to meet and interact with though out the day from 10AM until 5PM.



Jacob Chabot

From Deadpool to Spongebob Squarepants to Plants vs Zombies, the creator of The Mighty Skullboy Army graphic novels has drawn it all! If you collect comic books you or someone in your family probably has something written or drawn by Jacob Chabot!

UPDATE: Aaron Conley

We are happy to announce that Aaron Conley, artist of Sabretooth Swordsman from Dark Horse Comics, will be visiting us for the first time! Aaron is definitely a name to watch in the coming months and we have copies of his hardcover in stock right now!

Dan Dos Santos

Dan is an accomplished painter originally from Connecticut, now a North Carolina resident, who has provided brilliant cover artwork for numerous graphic novels such as Fables, comic books such as Serenity, and more! As part of a new event feature, look for Dan painting live for you to observe during Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Chris Giarrusso

Chris G is the artist, writer, and creator of G-Man! G-Man is our best selling all ages graphic novel and has been the super hero of choice among local kids for years!

Stephen Green

Stephen Green’s star has been on the rise since his last Free Comic Book Day appearance and we are happy to have him back once more! You’ll have seen his work most recently on Hellboy & the BPRD Black Sun and Lobster Johnson Garden of Bones.

Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson is the artist of the excellent and innovative Image Comics series Nail Biter and we are excited for him to meet his fans here and make new ones!

Amanda Rachels

Amanda is artist on Flesh of White plus numerous Inverse Press projects and comes all the way from Alabama to be with us for her third appearance at the Acme Comics Free Comic Book Day event!

Gregg Schigiel

Gregg is a Free Comic Book Day veteran with five previous appearances under his belt! He’s a regular artist on Spongebob Squarepants comic books and the second volume of his all ages friendly graphic novel, Pix, will be available when he is here!

Brian Smith

If you feel like you’ve seen him around, Brian liked his past visits so much that he moved from New York City to set up camp right here in Greensboro! You can see his art and writing skills on Madballs, The Castoffs, Tree Mail, and more!

Randall Trang

Randy had a blast at his first FCBD event at Acme Comics and we are excited that things finally lined up for him to come back to meet his fans and make new ones! If you’re a WWE fan Randy is too so you can chat while he sketches your favorite wrestler!

Warren Wucinich

Warren is a prolific colorist, letterer, and artist currently working on Invader Zim for Oni Press and living in Durham NC! This is Warren’s first event with us so be sure to check out his website and give him a great Acme Comics welcome!


This year Free Comic Book Day Visiting Guests will be located inside our Lawndale Shopping Center neighbor Shelf Life Art+Supply Company!

Once you’ve gotten your Free Comic Book Day comics, you’ll get a ticket that you can use to for ONE quick sketch from one of our guest artists (Dan Dos Santos will be doing a live painting)! If you like, you can also get a cool surprise from our friends at Headfirst Buttons! If you want one, Headfirst Buttons will be inside Acme Comics Presents to generate your one-of-a-kind button on the spot!

If you just want a signature on a comic book or graphic novel, let our volunteers working with the artists know and we’ll make that happen for you!



If you are unable to attend Free Comic Book Day at Acme Comics in Lawndale Shopping Center and are primarily interested in the All Ages material, we will be hosting FCBD at the Greensboro Children’s Museum (220 North Church Street) on Saturday May 6th from 10AM until 3PM. Local artists Chris Gunter and Brian Richardson will be on hand to draw for the kids! For more information call (336) 574-2898.


That’s the Free Comic Book Day 2017 run down! If you have questions call 336-574-2263 or email with Free Comic Book Day in the subject line.

Enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the Four Seasons Movie Tavern, enjoy free comic books courtesy of Acme Comics, enjoy the company of your fellow fans, and enjoy visiting with creators!