“Acme Army, Acme Family, Acme World Order, and everyone in-between. Austin here.

Where do I even begin?

As I’m sure you know this past weekend was (hopefully) our first annual BASH IN THE ‘BORO weekend. A culmination of two of the purest artforms in existence, comics and wrestling.

Since I got home last night, after night two of the Bash, I’ve been trying to really let the entire experience of this weekend settle in so I could properly reflect on it. I still don’t know if I can do it any justice through my writing, but I’m going to try anyway…  

In my 7 years and some change here at Acme Comics this was one of the most special moments I’ve been a part of (I would like to think I’ve had a few) and it’s without a doubt the thing I’m most proud of.

Proud to be a part of this community that just continues to impress me with your passion and dedication. Proud to be a part of this staff whose tireless work you can see in everything that we do here at the shop. Last, but certainly not least, proud of my partner and best friend, Ben for making this come to life.

Together we were able to do things in this ONE WEEKEND that we have been talking about doing for years now. It’s almost unbelievable that we pulled this whole thing off. A lot of that goes to Ben’s tenacity in getting DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON here at Acme Comics. It’s something he’s been working to make happen since before he was even on the payroll. 

Speaking of DWJ, the man is truly one-in-a-million. The phrase “a man of the people” gets tossed around a lot but it’s more applicable here than anywhere I’ve seen it used before. Daniel made every single person who came through that line feel like he was there to see and meet them. You just don’t get those sort of interactions and connections with creators anywhere else. A lot of people knew that and made the trip.

We had people travel from all over the area, Virginia, Raleigh, and even Wilmington! Each and every single one of you made Daniel feel right at home. I’m not just saying that. He told me that you all were the most passionate and welcoming fans he’s ever met. So I can’t thank you all enough for showing him what this community is all about.

As part of the Bash In The ‘Boro weekend, we hit the squared circle and partnered with local wrestling promotion, Fire Star Pro Wrestling (FSPW) to help them celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary Knockout! 

Let me tell you, that was something I will NEVER forget. I’ve been to my fair share of live wrestling events throughout my life, WWF, WCW, AEW, etc. and that will absolutely go down as one of my favorite live wrestling experiences ever. 

Seeing all of you VIP Bash Pass holders wearing your Acme gear and electrifying the arena was so energizing. And getting to share the experience of a few people’s first live wrestling event is now one of my favorite things in the world. I’m addicted. I want to take everyone to their first wrestling event now. 

I want to thank ​LaBron Kozone, and the entire crew at Fire Star Pro Wrestling, for welcoming us into the area and letting us be a part of their historic milestone. If you ever get the chance, you have to go check out one of their shows. There’s no chance you won’t have a great time. Plus, I promise you this is just the beginning of the Acme Comics / Fire Star partnership.

All-in-all this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that none of us here at Acme Comics will soon forget. 

I could sit here and gush about this entire experience until my fingers fall off, but for now I’ll sign off with this. “Wasabi Warriors 4 Life!”

– Austin ‘One Half of The Hollywood Blood” Getzelman