If you’re reading this now, chances are you’re living the Comics Life. You appreciate visual storytelling through art, you have an eye for the creative. Living the Comics Life is more than t-shirts and long boxes. That is absolutely a part of it, but here in 2019 there is something more. Something that people who don’t own a single comic book shirt or enough comics to fill a shoe box are indeed a part of now. We’re all in it together!

With that in mind, Comics Life is a one day event in the WAMRev Gallery at 1250 Revolution Mill Dr Suite 123, Greensboro, NC 27405 and it is specifically designed to be a skill share focusing on the creative process behind graphic novels, comics books, mini comics, and more. Sure you can meet creators, get signatures, buy prints, original artwork, comics and graphic novels directly from them. But Comics Life is NOT modeled after a standard comic book convention, it is intended to be a new experience. Ask questions about process and materials. Take notes. Plan the next step in your Comics Life!

Comics Life will debut with the goal of offering an annual experience that excites, inspires, and connects the Greensboro Community which already has a very strong relationship with graphic storytelling as an entertainment medium. If you want to utilize the experience in a way that you can learn new skills to put you on the road to becoming a creator yourself, your opportunity will be at this event.

Kids and teenagers interested in interacting with professional storytellers and illustrators are welcome and specially encouraged to attend so educators take note.

Comics Life is sponsored by Acme Comics so be sure to see what is available at our booth!

We’re excited about it so we think you will be too!








Michael Moreci 

Best-selling Chicago Illinois based writer of Image Comics Roche Limit, Vault Comics Wasted Space, Marvel/IDW Star Wars Adventures, Archie Comics Archie Meets Batman
Author Blackstar Renegades


Jeremy Whitley

Durham North Carolina’s writer/creator of the award winning Princeless series from Action Lab & writer of Marvel Comics’ Unstoppable Wasp. Jeremy is also writer of Thor Vs Hulk: Champions of the Universe, Rainbow Brite, Vampirella, Sea of Thieves, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and more.


Rob Clough

Durham NC based comics columnist for The Comics Journal & Publisher’s Weekly


Emmett Helen

A comics cartoonist from Atlanta GA, Emmett Helen produces personal work dealing with intersectional queer issues, mental health, and supernatural hijinks. Their work has appeared in Rick & Morty, Sweaty Palms Anthology About Anxiety, and more! Look for the My Riot graphic novel from Oni Press next Spring.



Patrick is a graduate of the UNC Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science, is the Adult Services Librarian for Durham County Libraries, and is the co-organizer of Durham Comics Fest. 


Andrew Neal

Andrew is a North Carolina resident and is the creator of Meeting Comics the workplace comedy minicomics & former owner of Chapel Hill Comics


Barrett Stanley

Greensboro’s writer, artist, creator, promoter of the Heartbreak Quadrant graphic novels and the illustrator for the Rangers of Shadow Deep role playing game.
Also the designer and artist of the wonderful Comics Life promotional art.


Todd Webb

Cartoonist creator of Mr Toast from Virginia, Todd lives a creative life daily by making comics, pictures, and music. He will also draw you in crayon.



Emily Clancy
Orvokki Crosby
Giancarlo D’Alessandro
Kevin Hardin
Krys Kinsel
Stephen Kissel
Eric Knisley
Ryan Oakley
Robert Price
Ben Roberts
Alyssa M. Torres
Sara Winans



10:45AM: Doors Open at Revolution Mill WAMRev Gallery

11:00-11:45AM: Inking Workshop – Emmett Helen

12:00-12:20PM: You Don’t Have to Starve to be an Artist – Todd Webb

12:30-1:15PM: Writing Your Own Story – Michael Moreci

1:30- 2:15PM: Crowdfunding Workshop – Barrett Stanley

2:30-3:00PM: Underestimating Comics – Patrick Holt

3:15-3:50PM: Panel Discussion #1 with Rob Clough

4:00-4:50PM: Panel Discussion #2 with Rob Clough

5:00PM: Celebrating Comics Life! CAKE!

Comics Life is a Find & Trust Event taking place in the WAMRev Gallery inside the Revolution Mill facility on Sunday March 31st from 11:00am until 5:00pm.