Effective immediately and until further notice:
Acme Comics will assist you daily, Monday through Sunday from 12pm Noon to 6pm
On Wednesday May 20th at 12pm new comic books will be a part of your life again!

Subscriptions will be pulled for pick up (in person, curbside, or mail order) and the shelf will be populated!

These are still strange and uncertain times. While restrictions are being lifted across the state and country we want to handle things moving forward carefully and in the safest ways possible. We’ve had multiple discussions about the best way to give you the same Acme Comics experience you’ve come to know and love while also keeping ourselves, and you, our Acme Comics family, safe and healthy while here.

As conditions hopefully improve, we’ll be reevaluating the following measures and requirements. In the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions or need any specialized assistance during this phase. We are here to help.




WHY?: You may not know this but we encounter comic book fans from literally everywhere. People from other cities, states, and countries. Daily. To protect yourself, and to just make the other comic book fans shopping with you feel less anxious, please wear a mask inside Acme Comics. One that covers your nose and mouth. All Acme Comics staff will be wearing masks during active business hours.


WHY?: Before non-essential shutdown we observed a strict occupancy of 10 individuals (including staff on duty) inside Acme Comics at a time and that policy will reinstate. That will allow for maximum safe and comfortable distance between persons. Also, as the occupancy will be minimized, be mindful of your time here as there could be others waiting outside for their turn to shop.


WHY?: We will continue to clean surfaces frequently, but we cannot clean some types of merchandise without damaging the merchandise. So be mindful of what you are touching. If you have concerns, we will be happy to handle, reach, or showcase anything that we offer so you can feel comfortable and be certain of what the item of interest is.

To ease the flow of welcoming you all back into the shop and onto the sales floor we will reopen to the public with the restrictions stated above on

Monday, May 18th at 12pm.

Acme Comics will continue to assist you daily, Monday through Sunday from 12pm Noon to 6pm.

The following alternative options will also continue to be available
(and are encouraged)…

  • Call ahead (336-574-2263), or call when you get in the parking lot. We’ll ring up your items over by phone then safely walk them out to your car. This service is offered 7 days a week indefinitely. Please note: We prefer to keep cash transactions limited is so taking your payment securely by phone is preferred!
  • $5 flat fee shipping anywhere within North Carolina. Comics and/or items will be packaged safely and securely and will ship out next day Monday through Friday. Weekend orders go out the following Monday. If you are outside of NC and would like something from us we can arrange that too, but shipping costs will be slightly more. Please note: Do allow time for your package to arrive.  
These options are available to everyone, not just preorder subscription participants

You all, our Acme Comics Family, have supported us through uncertain times and our priority continues to be to go above and beyond for you whenever possible!

Acme Comics can receive your orders and requests daily, Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 6pm.


Again, if you have questions please send us an email, shoot us a message on Facebook, or call us here at the shop.
We’re here for you!


1. The most immediate thing you can do is purchase your preorder reservations. Clearing your holds is the most critical thing you can do. If you aren’t able to do that yourself due to circumstances, all your friends or family need is your name and they can pick up for you. Who doesn’t like surprise comic books?  Some of you have even committed to purchasing something from us each week even though your box boxes are clear. That is outstanding and has made a world of difference!

Let us help you fill holes in your collections or bookshelves. We are working on want lists daily.

2. The second thing you can do is find and follow us on our social media locations. Everything is a click away if you look to your right in the sidebar . Following our online presence has never been more important than right now. It is how we get important information across to the largest number of people and there could be on-the-spot opportunities you won’t want to miss.

3. Let your friends & family know about Acme Comics. Share our social media posts, tag friends so they can see our content. Leave a Google or Facebook review. Share with people you know that we are able to service them by mail. When you get a package from us, post about it and tag Acme Comics! All of those things matter in the modern day business world. More than most realize.