Winter definitely let us know what’s what last weekend! We were actually closed last Saturday due to the sustained snowfall, but we returned to work on Monday to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our weekly merchandise.

However, as we have now been made aware, Winter was not done with us. The day of no movement on the roads also meant that our Tuesday shipment would be delayed.

If you’ve been with us for more than ten years, you will remember the old days where shipments arrived on Wednesday, were unpacked and processed on Wednesday, subscriptions were done on Wednesday, and customers arrived to pick up the new releases on Wednesday! If that sounds stressful, it was, but Acme Comics handled it. And we will handle it again because that is the job!

If you are reading this and you are a part of the early morning crew, that is with us as we turn the key at 10AMon Wednesdays, we unfortunately have to tell you that it is highly unlikely that we will be ready at the time you’ve become accustomed to. But, we will post on Facebook as soon as we have information!

Also, the store phone # is: 336-574-2263


Now that the bad news is out of the way, we can get into some good news! Starting with this!

Collection Drawer brand drawer boxes are back! We have a limited selection of short and long drawers available right now! Prepaid reservations have been put aside and are ready for pick up now. If you need a certain amount to take your collection to the next level, you can reply to this very email with quantities!

These special sliding drawer boxes come all the way from Denver Colorado by transfer truck, so this is not an easily renewable supply. At best this order is made once a year, so make haste. When these are gone, we cannot say when they will refill again any time soon.


LONG DRAWER BOXES $10 plus tax


January 25th 7:30PM

The discussion at the December Book Club meeting focusing on Black Mask Studios’ hit series We Can Never Go Home, was one of the best and most thorough yet! We talked about not only the content, but the art and color, interactions with the creators, and initial reception of the series from a then unknown publisher on the shelf!For the January Book Club meeting the members decided to go with something mainstream once again, and chose the hit DC Comics event of 2004: Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales. This series cast an unprecedented level of darkness upon the relatively benign late 70s/ early 80s era Justice League by embroiling the classic hero in a present day murder mystery that may connect to their lowest moment from the past. This controversial series also set a new tone for DC Comics properties that continued into the New 52 years.

If you have already read this series in issue form or own the paperback, we encourage you to plan to attend and participate in the discussion! If you need to pick up a softcover to read it for the first time, we have copies available and if you mention that it is for the book club, you can get an additional discount.

The Acme Comics Book Club meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM so mark your calendar now for January 25th!


ALL STAR BATMAN #6 – A new jumping on point is here! Scott Snyder teams up with frequent art collaborator Jock to tell a new Mister Freeze story!

GOD COUNTRY #1 (MR) – An elderly Texan suffering from dementia regains vigor at the heart of a storm just in time to face otherworldly creatures that have also appeared in this new Image Comics series.

JUSTICE LEAGUE/ POWER RANGERS #1 (OF 6) – Be there as the two powerhouse teams meet for the first time! Find out what causes their two universes to collide and see the members square off before uncovering the real threat! Available in a variety of covers featuring Rangers and Leaguers!

MIGHTY THOR #15 ASGARD/ SHI’AR WAR PART 1 – Marvel excels at high stakes space epics and the newest one begins now! Can Thor fight a battle on two fronts as Malekith claims more of the Ten Realms and the intergalactic Shi’ar Empire moves against Asgard at the same time? The Odinson returns here so make sure you know what cosmic events unfolded in the Unworthy Thor mini series!BATMAN DC REBIRTH TP VOL 01 I AM GOTHAM – When Batman almost loses his life in a crisis, he is forced to embrace the two new super heroes who appear in Gotham. Will their good intentions outweigh their dangerous powers? Contains issues #1-6 and Batman Rebirth special #1 written by Tom King!

FOURTH POWER DELUXE HC – Humanoids presents the complete series including volumes 3 and 4 available in English language for the first time here! By the artist of The Metabarons.HOUSE OF PENANCE TP – Dark Horse Comics proudly presents a startling new take on the supposedly haunted Winchester House, home of the man who created the Winchester rifle. Is his widow being driven made by the lives claimed by her husband’s invention? By Tomasi and Bertram.