21 Years of Working For You


Acme Comics 2017 Senior Staff: Pete Bowne, Austin Getz, Jermaine Exum, and Valerie Moran.

Hello reader, Jermaine here. Your resident Lord Retail of Acme Comics in Greensboro North Carolina.

A while back I was curious as to how long I’d been working at Acme Comics. I had a general idea, but I was curious as to specifically how long. What was my start date. Utilizing my legendary persistence and inquiry tactics I learned that my official hire date was September 23rd 1996. That means on Saturday September 23rd 2017 I will have been working for Acme Comics for twenty-one years.

Twenty-one years. There will be a few of you reading this who may not have been born yet in 1996. And there are some of you who I’ve known the whole time. Many of you had no children when we met and now those children are entering college, or the workforce, or have been there for a while. Some of you reading this will have come and gone and come back again and I was still there like no time had passed.

Whatever the story of how we met, I’ll tell you that this has been a time of reflection for me.  Continue reading