Where do we even begin? 

We have to say that it was good to be back!

The Greensboro community was ready for INTERNATIONAL FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2022 this last Saturday, and the day was nothing short of amazing!

Greensboro’s MAYOR NANCY VAUGHAN joined us to kick off FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2022! Lord Retail spoke to the initial attendees about Mayor Vaughan specifically reaching out to Acme Comics in 2018 to invite us to a special meeting with local stores and representatives from eBay who would be considering Greensboro to be involved in their eBAY RETAIL REVIVAL program.

Greensboro was indeed chosen and Acme Comics’ eBay storefront was empowered with CONCIERGE CLASS spotlighting and support. Later when the pandemic led to non-essential storefront shutdowns, we were in a greatly elevated online sales position which played a role in carrying us through along with support from our loyal customer base and the comics industry at large. This was a story we’d never shared in detail in public before, but FCBD was the day for it.

We’d like to share a tremendous thank you to the vendors and artists who joined us for FCBD 2022. The goal was to showcase who is a part of the local creative community and also present some up and comers before they really blow up! That goal was met as our participating vendors left with less items than they started with and new followers on their social media!

If you weren’t able to attend, but would like to know who was with us to see if you have need of their services, click through below and follow!

777 Shop
Amanda Sharkey
Backyard Bog Carnivorous Plants

Black and Nerdy Designs

Danny Quick (aka AceBlade)
David Johnson

Holy Water Vintage

Kellen KleverFox (Etchings and Woodburnings)
Morose Murdoch

Ryan Miller (IDW Transformers Artist) 

Ryan Oakley


SoSo Designs

Sweet Belly Crochet

Thrive Coffee Company


And now a final word on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2022…

This past Saturday was the first time in two years that FREE COMIC BOOK DAY has been restored back to the original first Saturday in May date. Every year since the first FCBD event 20 years ago I never know if anyone will show up. I really don’t. But every year I’m amazed by the response that Acme Comics gets to this international event. Each year there are brand new people who have never participated in the event as well as people who have never been inside our store at all. This year was no exception. The starting line wasn’t massive when I walked around the building to personally greet everyone from the back of the line to the front around 9am, but it had nearly doubled as I walked it again shortly before opening. The first people in line told me they had arrived at 10PM Friday night! Why do people do this? Sure, the short answer is to get the most selection of free comics, but the real answer is that this community decided that there is prestige in being the first person to begin  FCBD. It is a thing and a pretty cool thing at that.

I’m going to pull back a little curtain now because I know that some people are interested in that sort of thing. Despite a lower overall turnout, sales surpassed any previous FCBD event. In my estimation, the reasons for this were the following:

1) We had the right items displayed in a way that made them most appealing OR most able to speak for themselves. Graphic novels for things like MOON KNIGHT and DOCTOR STRANGE curated and arranged, statues and action figures displayed in a way where an interested person could imagine what they would look like in their home.

2) Variety of product and product knowledge. This return to the first Saturday in May FCBD was the first year with the vintage comics room in existence. A number of people were interested in some pretty obscure things which we either had or an alternative for in the vintage comics room. For example someone reluctantly asked for Three Stooges comics and sure enough we had 1960s THREE STOOGES comics. The same went for CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST. Not everyone opens up to say what they’d like to see. That’s just how it goes in retail. But in the spirit of the day and the environment we’ve cultivated, many felt comfortable enough to ask all sort of interesting questions which led to us finding items to show them. Once we know what someone likes, that’s when/ where we really excel.

3) The new store layout has been a huge success. A huge ongoing success. The main sales floor is demonstrably more shoppable than any previous configuration and FCBD day was proof of that. Nearly each product zone yielded results, from NEW RELEASES to POSTERS. Sometimes through interaction from staff or volunteers or purely through the customer interacting with the item itself. That’s what you call peak sales floor performance, in my opinion.

Here’s a huge thanks from me to the Acme Comics Team AUSTIN, BEN, PETE, & SARAH for designing and executing an outstanding FCBD 2022 scenario ripe for success, efficiency, and a fun experience for the guests and vendors. Thanks to all volunteers for covering the bases and representing the ACME COMICS brand with pride. Thanks to all vendors and artists for spending the day with us. And thanks to all attendees for helping to make this returning FCBD truly one of the very best to date!

Now we have to put the finishing touches on the next thing! We hope you’re ready for it! – Jermaine, Lord Retail of Acme Comics