Acmecast #189 - We Have Pants On!

“These people need what we can do and that is enough for me.” – Hellboy

Jermaine and Stephen take a break to discover the origins of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, celebrating his 20th anniversary this Saturday, update you on the changes to Free Comic Book Day 2014, keep you up to speed on all of the latest events taking place around the shop, and bring you two weeks worth of Comics at the Table!

Show Notes:

  • Sequart Orginization, producers of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, Warren Ellis: Ghost Boxes, and Image Revolution!
  • Download your own copy of Image Revolution or watch the trailer here!
  • Hellboy Day, celebrating 20 years of the flagship Dark Horse Comics hero! – Saturday, March 22nd  10 AM – 7 PM!
  • Action Lab Day, with special guests Jeremy Dale, Kelly Dale, Larkin Ford, Kevin Freeman and Brockton McKinney! – Saturday, March 29th  11 AM – 5 PM!
  • Hellbat“, the latest Acme Comics exclusive t-shirt, designed by Riley Till, available starting on Saturday for $15 each!
  • The Tyler Crook illustrated Rasputin graphic novel from Oni Press Stephen mentioned was called Petrograd.
  • Stuff Said with Gregg Schigiel #40 featuring Daredevil letterer Joe Carmagna!
  • Daredevil artist Chris Samnee‘s 2014 convention appearances!
  • Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” on!
  • Comics at the Table! – Stray Bullets Killers #1, Captain Marvel #1, Secret Avengers #1, American Vampire Second Cycle #1, Batman & Aquaman #29 and Daredevil #1!